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About Us

It all started with the bright idea to establish a company to help businesses achieve their goals. Of course, this happened after work at a Sushi dinner with two friends that knew each other since their Business Administration study at the university years ago. You know where it goes, right? Yes, like many successful companies we chose to start our business right at this point. A good story to read for later.

For now, we are very busy with doing research, advising and managing our clients from various sectors on international level. How are we able to manage this? We are fast, very fast in learning and adapting to the changes in the business world. We have the know-how, past-experience and the understanding of the organisational principles, which at the higher level applies to all commercial or non-commercial organisations.

Then where is the difference? In the detail of course. Each organization has a different approach and expectation. This is where you can use our expertise. We can advise, guide and help manage your business to achieve its goal.

What makes us different than the larger companies? Just the size for now! Our services are much faster, affordable, tailor-made, personal and nothing less.

Our highly motivated team consists of experienced consultants that have a strong business network and years of work experience in doing business. We can communicate in English, Dutch, Turkish and Chinese.  Currently our focus is the Dutch and the Turkish market. The reason for this is that we know the business culture, rules and procedures very well. We have ambitions to add more markets later. All our consultants have working experience and skills to give the best advice.  

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